PR Newswire History

PR news wire has put out some great AP press releases both in the past and currently. PR news wire revolutionized the distribution of press releases. Its headquarters are located in New York City, where the company was established. Created in 1954, was first to make an electronic system for distributing press releases. Instead of physically delivering news copies to newspapers, which is the way it had been until this point, they could then send one copy electronically to all.

In 1965, the Investors Research Wire was established. It distributed corporate press releases to financial analysts and brokerage firms.

Western Union bought PR news wire in 1971. They provided the telecommunications lines and teleprinters.

PR news wire was purchased in 1982 by United Newspapers, which is now called UBM plc.

In 1996, they launched their website where they would release news directly to consumers. This brought news into the new age of technology, and was a forerunner in this aspect.

In 2006, they started using social media, this includes Reddit, Newsvine, StumbleUpon, and Digg. Again, PR news wire jumped onto the popularization of social media quickly.

Recently, in 2011, Marketwire sued them for 25 million dollars in damages because they hired the former chief technology officer of Marketwire.

PR news wire has a very colorful history with many ups and a few downs. They have always been the source for express press releases and may continue that way. Being a forerunner in any industry can be risky, yet extremely rewarding. So far they have experienced both and now that competition has caught up with them in technology, reinventing themselves is a challenge not to be taken lightly.

I just thought that this company has some tidbits of good information and may be helpful to anyone looking for the motivation to use risk, in a healthy way, to hopefully see the great rewards it offers. Hope this was informational and interesting!

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