Apple News Sites Are Best If They Have the Press Release

The company that brought us the iPod and the iPhone usually has large events to display the new Apple releases. Tickets for this massive events are pretty hard to come by, so finding a good site that keeps you up to date on new Apple releases is pretty important to the techno fans out there.

The main thing I look for when I am trying to find a news site to keep me updated on a company is if they feature apple press releases. This way I can read everything that Apple wants us to know so I can do my own speculation.

See, a lot of websites often report rumors as facts. This can be really frustrating because then other sites will report these rumors as facts as well. Then, suddenly, these lies gain social authority through number despite no press releases that talks about those new Apple releases.

Reading these news sites will also help keep you updated on any software upgrades or patches. New Apple releases also pertains to the products that we already have, because often times Apple will upgrade their operating system. These sites can get us excited again about the devices that we already own, which is really nice and one of the reasons that I like to look at the new Apple releases.

What do you guys think about finding these press releases? Do you like Apple products? Do you like them enough to do research on new Apple releases or are you more of a take it or leave it kind of person? Please share your story, experience and opinion in the comments.

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