About Apple Press Releases

If you are one of the countless numbers of Americans who anxiously await Apple press releases you won’t have to wait long. It seems like Apple press releases are coming out all the time. Apple is an extremely innovative company that is coming up with new ideas and new products all the time. Every new Apple release is an official statement issued by the company. Apple press releases specifically address problems or concerns with their equipment. Some of the new Apple press releases are purely promotional however.

Apple press releases let you learn what is factual about the Apple Company. Apple press releases also fill you in on what is newsworthy about the Apple Company. Usually press releases are also made available to clear up some confusion about an upcoming product or to let the public know exactly when to expect a new product to be released to the public. Anything that is new and upcoming that Apple wants the public to know can be written up in the form of a press released and then published in various places for viewing by the public. For instance, you can find Apple press releases on various news websites on the internet. Press releases are also found in print media, such as in newspapers.

An Apple press release is different from an article. The whole idea of a press release is to reveal what is new about a business. They are more like announcements. They are for making announcements about a business’s latest products, or an upcoming event or a project they are undertaking, etc. The first time someone came up with the idea of using a press release to give out public information about a business was in 1906. This first press release ever written and published was by Ivy Lee. He issued the press release for his company, which was an agency for a railroad. It was about an Atlantic City train wreck that had just happened. The reason for the press release was to release truthful facts concerning the accident and to open the door for communications with the media.

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