What is a Lawyers Role During Mediation – Law School Application

the divorce and a mediating attorney to help reach a fair legal resolution by observing the situation objectively and negotiating. This video explains what each mediation attorney does during the process.

Every party must have the services of a mediator when they are in talks. The attorney in charge of mediation who is overseeing the proceedings is expected to have the highest degree of impartiality. It is not a guarantee that they can assist you by any means.

Your lawyer and the attorney of your spouse will both be working to present your claims in the most efficient manner. Your spouse and the attorney of your spouse will both be familiar with all the pertinent laws and legal terms that facilitate negotiations with you, as well as that of your mediator.

Your lawyer will be working alongside you to decide what the plan of action will be for mediation. For you to determine what your rights are, they will provide the financial and property information as well as custody information.

Keep in mind that mediations serve the legal requirement of. They’re not venues in which two divorcees can express their feelings against each other. To find out more about the mediation process follow the link below.


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