Incredible Ways to Naturally Unclog a Drain – Balanced Living Magazine

You can also use it to wash your drain. The problem isn’t that big. There are plenty of families who want to discover solutions to clear drains that are clogged. Fortunately, there are plenty options for natural methods to clean a drain. The majority of these solutions are available in your house. In this video, you will be able to discover some of them.

An interesting and natural option is to use soda left over from the refrigerator to clear your drain. It does not work well using diet soda. Just add the soda to the sinkand just wait for magic to take place. The PH of soda is sufficient to dissolve most solids in time. Even metal can be dissolved by soda when given sufficient time. When the time has passed take the soda off by using warm water.

An alternative that’s less sugary is to try a cup hydrogen peroxide dissolved in baking soda. If you pour this mix into the sink, it creates a chemicals reaction resulting in a lot of bubbling. The process can rapidly dissolve any blockage that may be present in the plumbing.


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