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AC Repair Service The solution is to the most common AC problems , such as an AC isn’t starting.

It’s finally summer, which means that we are about to be feeling the heat. For many people, this implies turning on the AC to cool off. But what if when you’re in need of cool air most, and you notice your air conditioner not working? AC problems are becoming a major problem for lots of people since it’s becoming increasingly hot.

If your AC not turning on it is best to check the thermostat. Verify that there is a “cool” setting is on and that the temperature you desire is lower than the current room temperature. If your monitor does not show any data, you must replace the battery. Make sure the circuit breaker is checked to determine if AC is not working. In order to get your AC working again, reset the circuit breaker, if it’s been stopped working. If you are noticing the AC not working properly, it could be because the drain pan is full. The drain pan sits underneath the inside unit and will catch any water leaks that occur from your HVAC system. Low voltage wiring may cause your AC to not be able to turn on. This wire will transmit power from the home’s electric system to your A/C unit.

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