How Can You Dewater a Construction Site? – Melrose Painting

equipment. It prevents injury and protects the strength of the structure.

Contractors deal with water issues in the construction sites. Groundwater, surface or even groundwater can cause problems that need to be tackled. It is possible to tackle the problem yourself, but massive water-logged projects require an expert on water dewatering for construction projects to handle. They employ a range of techniques to remove water from underground and surface water.

The first method is exclusion. It involves building diaphragm walls, grouting or freezing to remove of the water from an construction site. Pumping is a second choice. Pumping drains the water in swamps and wells in order to control underground and surface water. A pump draws out the water while leaving the soil dry for construction work. The control of surface water is the last method to remove water.

For large-scale water projects Experts use wellpoints and deepwells. They involve excavations and drainage wells as wells as vacuum pumps. They deal with drainage prior to it happening. Also, you can do simultaneous drainage using a sump pump system. The drainage is essential for every project and must be budgeted as part of the total costs.


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