What Should You Include in Your Home Tequila Bar? – Bread Columbus

This video demonstrates the wide variety of Tequilas you can use in the making of your own tequila bars.

In the past Tequila has always been the most sought-after spirit. There are over 800 types of tequilas in existence to choose from. Blue agave plant-based tequila distillated to alcohol through complicated distillation procedures that require fermentation and ageing. The taste is different in each region based on where the agave is cultivated and extracted. A few people drink it straight from the bottle, while others prefer mixing it with cocktails.

Tequila comes in many varieties, each with its own price flavor, tastes, strengths size of servings, levels of alcohol and other elements. Reposado, which means “rest” is a Spanish word, is a reference to oak barrels that have been aged. Anejo has been aged for extended times, mostly in wood casks. It also has better-quality agave. Blanco is the least expensive version, which means that the fermentation occurred in stainless steel tanks. But, all tequilas are fairly smooth, and the differences between them are small. The only way to tell the difference is through a tasting.


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