What Hardware Do You Need for a Phone System Installation? – DIY Home Decor Ideas

ness. You might be wondering what equipment you need to install your VoIP call system. The video below explains what hardware you need for the installation of your VoIP telephone system.

Voice over Internet Protocol is an alternative for regular telephone lines. It allows you to save money on long-distance charges and move your phone service between locations without having to pay expensive charges for termination.

A modem is required to transform audio digital signals from analog into analog and in reverse. Digital modems can be connected using a cable, however an analog modem will require access to a telephone. It requires a router in order to make phone calls inside your local area networks. Choose a wireless router or a traditional wired router. Also, you’ll need an Ethernet switch for connecting multiple devices to your network. Finally, you’ll buy at least three Ethernet cables that connect every device to the switch.


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