Insurance Fishing Launches New Online Guide for Customer Reference

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Insurance Fishing, a company dedicated to helping consumers connect easily and efficiently with insurance agents from a variety of companies, recently added a new online guide in an effort to better answer the questions of potential clients who are in need of auto insurance.

2011 estimates revealed that nearly 14% of US drivers (one in seven) were uninsured. Insurance Fishing recognizes that researching and finding affordable car insurance is certainly a deterrent to securing auto insurance. The new online guide outlines the importance of car insurance as well as the advantages associated with online insurance shopping.

The ability to get online car insurance quotes makes the process easier than ever before. As the guide notes, the ease of online insurance quotes is attributed to the elimination of agent interviews, which the guide calls “cumbersome, tedious, and frankly, boring.” The speed at which drivers can get the insurance they need online makes it a great alternative to other, more traditional, options. The guide explains how a client can get several insurance quotes from different sites and agencies in a matter of minutes.

As an added benefit, the guide lists a less stressful experience as a reason to consider online auto insurance shopping. “Driving around from place to place and getting quizzed by different professionals while trying to simply understand what they are telling you can be confusing and overwhelming” the guide explains. In contrast, with online insurance shopping, prospective clients can take the time they need to review and compare their options.

The third and final advantage listed by the guide is affordability. Because online insurance companies do not have the overhead expenses that come with running an office, they are often able to offer lower rates.

Insurance Fishing, located in St. Louis, MO, is a self-described “one-stop website that quickly and easily connects consumers with live local insurance agents.” Learn more by visiting or send an email to


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