How the Internet Has Changed Press Releases

Ap press release

For any upcoming apple releases, checking the apple press releases is an absolute must. In addition to sending details about upcoming apple releases to distribution services, their website has an entire press release library containing exciting news about the upcoming apple releases. This is the official way to check upcoming apple releases, but many times there are news leaks that wind up on the web. For these, you can check fan sites, such as Mac Rumors. Apple’s utilization of the web for press release distribution is a smart move, as many journalists use the web as their main way to find these releases, which they use as leads for articles. The inevitable buzz around upcoming apple releases is proof that this marketing strategy, of using the Internet to distribute press releases, works.

Nowadays, an estimated 64% of journalists rely on Google or Yahoo to find press releases. These releases generally contain four to five paragraphs that are written to entice journalists, and create excitement about the event. Traditionally, companies will pay to distribute a press release to different newswires to assure that it’ll be viewed, which is an effective form of improving visibility and brand awareness. Paying for distribution is, on average, 20% less expensive than the typical Internet advertisement campaign.

According to Ron Godden, principal of, an agency specializing in commercial press releases, says that there’s been a change in the attitude of companies he works with. “Many no longer even care if the print media pick up their news stories. Coverage on the Internet is their only focus.” The Associated Press comments that “Goodden attributes this to the saturation of the Internet across society and the Information Age savvy of a younger generation now moving into corporate management — as well as to the waning importance of traditional newspapers.”

The Internet has changed the topography of many field, especially marketing. Distributing news items such as upcoming apple releases online has proved to be an effective marketing strategy. If you have any questions about press releases feel free to ask in the comments!

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