How Invisalign Can Give You Your Smile Back – Metro Dental Care

Invisalign is becoming a favored alternative to braces made of metal. Perhaps you’re looking to learn more about Invisalign. Even for patients who understand orthodontic treatment, the translucent advanced Invisalign may be a surprise as they are not like traditional braces made from metal, with brackets and wires.

Orthodontic treatment can work for both children and adults. If you’re an adult you should visit an adult orthodontist. A specialist will be able to tell you more about Invisalign as well as alternative treatments like clear braces. The dentist will conduct an 3D scan of your mouth to ensure that your Invisalign device is fitted correctly. By taking impressions of your teeth the dentist will develop a series of transparent, removable aligners , which are bonded to your teeth in order to align them. This makes the appearance that you don’t even have braces. They can be made of soft and gentle BPA-free materials. They will offer great results in less time than traditional braces. c413x3yvq7.

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