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roughly 26% of patients with tooth decay who are not being treated. Statistics show that approximately 9% of people over 30 are suffering from severe gum disease. About 46% of the people affected by gum disease are suffering from the problem. These figures don’t suggest that individuals aren’t taking care for their teeth . Rather, they reflect there is a high rate of dental diseases is a sign of the state of dental health in the United States.

The fact that you may have teeth that aren’t straight or a dental issue should not be discouraging as there is numerous high-end dentistry treatments that are available. This includes dentist bridges, smile teeth alignmentand even teeth cleaning items.

A dentist is the best way to take care of your teeth should you experience a problem. If I’m experiencing problems with my smile, I will seek orthodontic or prosthetic therapy. It will bring back the natural structure of my smile. Many people are unable to afford to pay for such services, and desperately need aid to rebuild their smiles. Patients require treatment to address dental problems such as bites that are open, crowded teeth, tooth gaps, underbites, and the crookedness of teeth.


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