Could Your Las Vegas Home Have Lead Paint? – Las Vegas Home

Urability and resistance to moisture. Due to the extreme health risks associated with lead paints. Authorities have banned the use of lead in residential paints. You can either check your home for lead paint, or hire a professional to remodel the structure. In the video, you will learn that the EPA has rules about lead paint for homes constructed before 1978. How can one check for lead paint in the home they reside in?
Perform a test of chemistry

To find out if paint lead-based, you can buy tests using chemicals, such as the 3M LeadCheck Swabs. Easy-to-follow instructions are included inside the pack.

A Lab will allow a test of your paint

Additionally, you can make use of a scratcher for removing the paint off a surface, like windows. After that, you can send it to a laboratory certified by NLAAP which will analyze for lead.

Utilize an XRF gun

The last option is using an XRF gun, albeit an endorsement from the EPA is needed. It is possible to contact certified professionals for help with this procedure.


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