Why You May Need Help from Local Septic Tank Companies After Heavy Rain – Daily Inbox


The heavy rain can be a problem. These are the most common issues that local companies for septic tanks face during heavy rainfall.

Ground Flooding – during a significant rainfall, the drain field is one of the areas that are susceptible to flood. The main function of the drain field is to draw water away from the surrounding waters and allow it to flow free. Rainwater can mix with wastewater that is discharged from the drainfield during intense rainstorms and create ground water flooding. The Septic tank can only be able to contain a specific amount. If the local septic tank firms fail to address the issue, you might have be faced with a flood-prone yard contaminated by septic tank wastes.

Drainfield Clogging – another issue most local septic tank companies confront during heavy rain is drain field obstruction. When the drain field gets saturated with wastewater and rain this can cause drain field clogging. It reduces water absorption and could lead to the clogging of the drain field. The untreated water can enter the groundwater, leading to more complications. It can then seep into local rivers, pipes pipework, water lines, and many more.


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