What are Cupolas? – Home Renovation Tips and Tricks

Description of what cupolas can be and how they work.

Cupolas aid in the removal of humid and hot air from large buildings. Cupolas can be discovered in barns or large old buildings. A cupola can be an efficient method to let air circulate through a space. The high winds around the cupola pull heated air within the structure towards the windows. Air moving is more dense than still air. This produces negative pressure, which forces the latter up and out.

A cupola could be thought of as comparable to a chimney. Instead of emitting heat or smoke, the chimney lets heat from the inside let out through openings. They may also have louvers which allow air to flow continuously. This kind of opening comes with one drawback, that it lets the cold air and humid air to circulate during the winter months. The windows are better. They can be closed in the cold winter months, when you may want to maintain warm air inside the room. You now know all you can about cupolas.


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