Upgrades Your HVAC Needs – Daily Inbox


ork, heat pumps and air conditioners. In regards to modernizing your HVAC system, Joshua Griffin presents a tutorial in this YouTube video that outlines the top five improvements that every HVAC unit around the world needs to have.

Joshua suggests using the UV light air cleaner. This keeps the coils clean. It is especially helpful in homes with Bobs on the supply and the return sides. Another option is a complete house air filter and can assist in the removal of particulates from the air. The third one is the ionizer, which assists in eliminating mold. The humidity controller is the fourth element mentioned, and it helps maintain the right quantity of humidity. Joshua also suggests that you set up a surge protection system throughout your home in areas that are susceptible to electrical surges.

Joshua Griffin suggests that when you are considering an HVAC upgrade with your heating or cooling contractor, you think about some of the following such as UV light air cleaner, Ionizer for the whole house, and humidity controller.


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