The Emperors Carpet Then and Now –

The Emperor’s carpet is one of renowned rugs, and one of the priciest. Its art and history extend over a long period of time that makes it a valuable possession for any museum lucky enough to display it as part of their exhibits. It needs a great deal of upkeep to maintain it at an acceptable condition. This is among the highlights of the rug. Excellent rug preservation and repair efforts are on full display in the rug. The video will give us peek into the many years of love and care that went to keep this rug beautiful as it was back in the 16th century.

The Emperor’s Carpet is one of the most famous Persian carpets that are part of the collection of the Metropolitan Museum, and is employed by the ancient Imperial Court as a magnificent statement piece. The MET got their hands on the rug in 1943, following the time that various owners, including the Hapsburgs obtained it from modern day Iran. In spite of the decades of destruction and wear it is still beautiful and in excellent condition. The intricate patterns and the intricate dyework tell us it was an essential piece of furniture when some pieces are restored with patchwork.


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