The Body Shop Medi Spa Now Providing Ultrasonic Cavitation Procedure

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Medical spa now offers state of the art option for patients that are interested in losing weight without invasive procedures or painful recoveries.

Davie, FL — September 26, 2013 — The Body Shop Medi Spa is pleased to announce that it is now offering Ultrasonic Cavitation to its patients that are looking to lose weight. With the understanding that many people are uncomfortable with the prospect of invasive procedures like liposuction, The Body Shop Medi Spa has purchased a new Cavitation machine and can now perform the state of the art Cavitation weight loss procedure on its patients.

A Revolutionary Weight Loss Procedure

The Ultrasonic Cavitation weight loss procedure is completely non-invasive, which makes it the perfect option for those who have an aversion to needles or surgery. During this procedure, an ultrasound device is placed over the skin. This device causes the fat cells under the skin to rupture and dissolve into the patient’s body, after which the fat cells will be flushed out naturally. Ultrasonic Cavitation is completely painless, meaning that there will be no recovery or downtime involved.

“This service is important to our business because it directly targets sculpting the body and promotes fat reduction,” said Sue Byers, owner of The Body Shop Medi Spa.

Targeted Weight Loss

Ultrasonic Cavitation allows for the targeting of a specific body part — arms, stomach, lower back, buttocks, thighs, love handles and other problem areas can be targeted for reduction. As the hardest of fat cells in and around those troublesome areas are weakened, softened and broken apart, the surrounding skin will also tighten up, so that patients are not left with lumpy skin.

Since the procedure is noninvasive and nonsurgical, there is no risk of infection or scarring. Certain procedures, including liposuction, can leave the patient with lumpy looking skin that is not natural in shape or texture. With Ultrasonic Cavitation, The Body Shop Medi Spa can provide patients with a thinner body and natural lines and curves.

In addition to weight loss and weight management, The Body Shop Medi Spa also provides weight management, botox, facials and massage, laser hair removal and thermage treatment.

Located in Davie, Florida, The Body Shop Medi Spa is a full service medical spa and health clinic. If you are interested in finding out more, visit


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