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Scott Nolder Forms Scott and Nolder Law Firm with Joseph E Scott

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Nolder joins noted law firm after famously deciding to eliminate his own job so that others could hold on to their jobs

Columbus, Ohio August 27, 2013 Steve Nolder recently joined with Joseph E. Scott to form the Scott and Nolder Law Firm. The firm represent defendants that have been charged with crimes in both state and federal courts. The two attorneys came together after Mr. Nolder was forced to “fire himself” due to the sequester. It was a story that gained a great deal of national attention.

A National Story

Steve Nolder had been serving in the Columbus, Ohio public defender’s office ever since it opened. In April 2013, after 18 years of service, Nolder felt compelled to cut his own job due to the budget cuts put in place by the sequester. The public defender’s office was directed to cut eleven percent from its budget by the end September. Nolder told The Columbus Dispatch that he was stepping down so other attorneys in his office wouldn’t lose their jobs.

A piece explaining his position and dissatisfaction with what had happened was posted by Allied for Justice, and quickly received widespread circulation.

The story immediately rose Nolder to prominence, generating stories on National Public Radio, the Huffington Post and even an appearance on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Nolder’s voluntary resignation from the public defender’s office helped to meet the eleven percent mandatory budget cut, while also helping others to keep their jobs. Nolder felt it was the best decision to make, especially since several of the attorneys that might have been fired had uprooted their families and moved to Ohio to work in the Columbus public defender’s office.

A New Beginning

Joseph E. Scott became aware of Steve Nolder’s act of kindness when his story went national. After hearing about Nolder’s decision on the news, Scott, a fellow attorney, reached out to him. Scott offered Nolder a partnership in what was a three person law firm, then known as Scott Law Firm Co. LPA. Like Nolder, Joseph E. Scott has been serving Ohio for nearly two decades.

“I was happy he did that,” said Scott. “so I reached out and said ‘Why don’t you join with us?'”

Nolder accepted the offer, and the firm was renamed the Scott and Nolder Law Firm. Together, they will focus their time and attention aggressively defending clients who have been brought up on charges in state and federal courts.

The Scott and Nolder Law Firm is located at 35 E. Livingston Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43215. Those who are interested in contacting this team of experienced legal professionals can call 614.221.9790, or visit online at More. More like this blog. Get more here.

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