Our Interview with Richard Prasad, Owner of Urban Sleep Store

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In this interview, Urban Sleep Store owner Richard Prasad explains what inspired him to start a business selling only the highest quality mattresses and sleep products.

Please tell us about your company, Urban Sleep Store.

Richard Prasad: We are a specialty mattress retailer focusing on offering unique sleep options for customers including organic, natural latex, and gel products.

Why did you decide to focus on selling the more unique sleep options?

Richard Prasad: After many years as a traditional mattress retailer I was driven to sell higher quality products because customers rarely knew what type of mattress they were buying and the harmful ramifications of that ignorance.

For you personally, what is the biggest challenge when it comes to running your own business?

Richard Prasad: Our biggest business challenge is competing from a marketing perspective with larger more established retailers in an expensive media market. We feel if customers knew about what we do and how we do it, they’d do business with us a larger percentage of the time versus our competition. I’m sure many other businesses feel the same way, but that drives us to get the word out quickly and aggressively as possible.

For more than five years, Urban Sleep Store has been educating customers on the benefits of high quality mattresses and sleep products. If you are interested in learning more about this business and the specialty sleep products it provides, visit the Los Gatos, CA or Palo Alto, CA store or online at www.urbansleepstore.com



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