Minimally Invasive Hammertoe Surgery – How To Stay Fit

They can cause difficult to conduct your routine activities. It is possible to repair them surgically to help you get back to normal. This video will walk you through a hammertoe operation.

A small cut in the area of the joint will be made. Then, the instrument is inserted and then swept along the middle knuckle of the toe in order to make them ready to join. The connective tissue which has formed is cleared away and the distal and proximal more phalanxes are now attached.

A wire then is then inserted into the superior of the phalanx. This process is repeated with a hole being drilled through the middle phalanx that leads to the distal part of the phalanx.

Once the toe is positioned in the corrective position the wire that runs through at the distal tip of the phalanx may be turned around and then passed through to the center and outward-facing phalanx.

A compression screw is placed along the wire for the purpose of putting the correction in it, and bind the distal middle and phalanx. A typical screw size is 24-34mm.

Don’t let your hammertoe get in the way of your overall health. To learn more, look online for podiatrists or ask your primary physician to refer you. You can return to your routine after having a minor procedure.


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