Is Your Property Ready for Renters? Condo Maintenance Checklist – Freelance Weekly

Be sure to inform your tenants of any needed repairs or replacements so they can rest easy.
Plumbing Repairs

Functional plumbing is vital for the rental. Therefore, it must be top of the list on your condo maintenance list. Make sure to inspect your plumbing system to find plumbing leaks and other concerns. It can aid in identifying any issues that could be causing problems prior to they develop into major problems – and save your money in the future.

Simple preventative maintenance can save you from major plumbing problems. This includes cleaning your drains, or checking for corrosion. Conducting regular inspections can help identify any plumbing problems prior to they occur.

Electrical Repairs

It’s essential to be sure that the wiring in your condo is modern and safe for residents. It is recommended to check your apartment for potential fire and danger-producing issues such as electrical short circuits or loose wires. Make sure your electric system is operating in good condition and fix any issues that arise.

There are a handful of electrical components that you need to check off your condo maintenance plan. Be vigilant about your property and making sure that the electrical components are operating properly is crucial for a safe and comfortable rental environment.

Exterior Repairs

Inspections on the exterior of your house ought to be a part in your checklist for maintenance. The inspection should include checking gutters, fascia boards, roofing, as well as the roof. Be sure that loose or damaged parts are fixed or replaced to ensure your home is looking its most attractive. As an example, chimney cleaners can help restore the look of your chimney as well as your fireplace that is intended for use for the longest time.

Furthermore, make sure you are aware of any landscaping tasks that have to be taken care of including trimming trees or pruning shrubs in the vicinity of your property. Reduce the risk of being damaged by excessive branches as well as other debris.

Remove dangerous Trees



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