Auto Repair Service in Tulsa Made Simple – Loyalty Driver

Routine maintenance requires regular service. It is possible to complete some of the frequent maintenance on your own. You can do this on the “Car and Driver” YouTube channel, in the video “Basic maintenance for your car (Part I),” Ben Wojdyla, a contributing Automotive Editor shows you how to carry out simple car maintenance.

It is the first thing to check under the hood which is where the vital fluids are checked. To find out more about the basics of maintenance on your car, consult your owner’s guide. The replacement of the latches for lubrication and the air filter is the next stage.

Verify that the tire pressures are right using a Digital pressure gauge. This should be completed in the midst of the tire being cold. For the phase four process, replace the wipers on your windshield. It is recommended to replace the windshield following each winter. Remove the windshield with an screwdriver and then take the windshield out.

Performing basic car maintenance yourself can help you save cash. You might notice components that need to be inspected by a professional.


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