A Worldwide History of Water Wells Through the Centuries – Living History Worldwide

The time they were born as well as an estimation of their estimated age.

The oldest of these specimens can be found in Atlit Yam (Israel). It was constructed between 8100-7500 BC. Again, an exact date is impossible to nail down however it’s nice to know that wells have existed for so long and played such an important role in our societies.

Digging Wells By Hand

Wells were manually dug for much of the history of humanity. In addition, repair of wells was completed manually. However, it wasn’t until the beginning of the 19th century that any aspect of the process began to evolve. The early 19th century brought the ability to use an oil drill to create better wells quicker and efficiently. The drill also altered the types of stonework that was able to be put into wells.

If wells were required to be dug manually in past, builders did everything they could in order to create the well as quickly as feasible. Its appearance was not the thing they were focusing on. Instead, they merely wanted to ensure that the well was up and prepared to go. They could have accomplished much more if they could have gotten at least that much accomplished. But, the situation has changed now.

There are many people who have a well constructed today call an expert stone contractor. Additionally, they make wishes for their own well to be built the way they would like it to be. So, it is probable that there are plenty of people who have taken the step of getting the well custom created to suit the needs they wish to obtain from it. This is great as this means they will attain the satisfaction they wish to have from their well. This also means that the people that build these kinds of things will be kept in business for years to in the years to.

Folklore and Traditions

Wells for water throughout history have played a significant function in our lives, that they have even entered the folklore and folklore traditions. Imagine!


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