An Interview with Andrea Kramer Wilcox, Vice President of City Apparel

Flame resistant clothing

We recently had a chance to interview Andrea Kramer Wilcox, Vice President of City Apparel, and learned about an industry and a product that we knew very little about–flame resistant clothing.

What made you decide to start your own business?

Andrea Kramer Wilcox: We started FlameResistantClothing.co because it was a product line we were already selling to corporate America and this was an obvious transition to sell online.

Can you describe your business to us?

Andrea Kramer Wilcox: FlameResistantClothing sells flame resistant uniforms online. We also offer corporate programs that can manage employee allowance programs and customization.

How did you end up finding your niche?

Andrea Kramer Wilcox: FlameResistantC

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An Interview with Protorquetoolscom Managing Partner Derek Griffin

Electric screwdriver torque

We recently had a chance to sit down with Derek Griffin, managing partner of ProTorqueTools.com, to discuss his business and his background.

Why was it that made you decide to start your own business?

Derek Griffin: We became aware of a market need to provide a better, more intuitive way to serve the torque tool market with a website that delivered a user experience that was specifically designed for the different versions of very similar tools. In a given torque wrench style, there could be a dozen variations and the end user needs to be able to see those differences in tool size, drive size, and torque range easily to make their buying process easier.

We felt that if we delivered this higher level, more professional experience, we would capture market share and be successful with this busines

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An Interview With Jason Hunt of JHE’s Log Furniture Place

Decorative electrical outlet covers

We sat down for an interview with Jason Hunt, president of JHE’s Log Furniture Place to discuss his background and the history of his company that has been proudly serving its customers for over 15 years.

Why did you decide to start your own business, other than to make money?

Jason Hunt: I wanted to go into this business because I believe people should have the opportunity to own real log furniture at a reasonable price, not inflated to robbery prices. We have been making furniture for close to 100 years, so it was easy for us to move into this niche.

Can you tell us a bit about your background, work history and education?

Jason Hunt: I grew up in a factory. I started out by drawing instr

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Three Outlets for Apple News

Apple tv new releases

Did you know, according to Pew Internet, that 56% of Americans owned a smartphone as of May 2013? That statistic is no doubt driven by the incredible success of products like Apple’s iPhone. Apple for a long time now has been billed as the company that innovates and drives forward mainstream technology. Consider, the iPod was released in 2001, the iPhone in 2007, and the iPad in 2010. Those technologies have reshaped digital music, given rise to the smartphone revolution, and the explosion of tablet computing, respectively. For this reason it is no surprise Apple fans want to stay up on Apple release dates. Here are three outlets that let fans do just that.

  • Apple.com
  • %3Cbr%3E

    Apple’s official website is a great resource for fans looking to stay up on Apple press relea

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Hudiburg Nissan Subaru Opens New Used Car Super Center, Welcomes New Models

New nissans for 2013

Used Car Supercenter replenishes used car inventory each day; brings in high quality cars to fit all budgets and styles

Oklahoma City, OK Hudiburg Nissan Subaru, which has been serving the city of Oklahoma City for over 35 years, is taking strides to continue serving the community with a new used car supercenter, introduction of 2014 car models and an expanding sales force to accommodate its rapidly growing customer base.

Hudiburg Nissan Subaru is pleased to announce that the brand new used car supercenter has finished construction and is now open for business. Of the new used car supercenter, General Manager Greg Ryan said: “We are bringing in quality cars everyday to fit all budgets and styles. There is plenty of room to accommodate all of our customers.”

The new Hudiburg Nissan Subaru used car s

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Dreaming the Next Big Apple Release

Ap press release

One of our favorite pastimes as a nation has become speculating on upcoming Apple releases. What will it be? When will it be available? Will it be compatible with my current device? And of course, how will this make my life more complete? Hearing rumors of leaked prototypes months before the official Apple product release dates is all well and good, but I think you get way more bang for your buck by simply guessing. So here goes.

I predict that the next revolutionary Apple release will be… the iPad MacBook Hybrid.

This will essentially be a MacBook Air with a touchscreen. The Air is already a thoroughly travel worthy beast with regards to durability and weight, and the ultra fast flash memory is already included. Converting the screen into a touchscreen surface would be the icing on the cake, eliminating

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About Apple Press Releases

If you are one of the countless numbers of Americans who anxiously await Apple press releases you won’t have to wait long. It seems like Apple press releases are coming out all the time. Apple is an extremely innovative company that is coming up with new ideas and new products all the time. Every new Apple release is an official statement issued by the company. Apple press releases specifically address problems or concerns with their equipment. Some of the new Apple press releases are purely promotional however.

Apple press releases let you learn what is factual about the Apple Company. Apple press releases also fill you in on what is newsworthy about the Apple Company. Usually press releases are also made available to clear up some confusion about an upcoming product or to let the public know exactly when to expect a new product to be released to the public. Anything that is new and upcoming that Apple wants the public to know can be written up in the form of a press released and then published in various places for viewing by the public. For instance, you can find Apple press releases on various news websites on the internet. Press releases are also found in print media, such as in newspapers.

An Apple press release is different from an article. The whole idea of a press release is to reveal what is new about a business. They are more like announcements. They are for making announcements about a business’s latest products, or an upcoming event or a project they are undertaking, etc. The first time someone came up with the idea of using a press release to give out public information about a business was in 1906. This first press release ever written and published was by Ivy Lee. He issued the press release for his company, which was an agency for a railroad. It was about an Atlantic City train wreck that had just happened. The reason for the press release was to release truthful facts concerning the accident and to open the door for communications with the media.