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Scott Nolder Forms Scott and Nolder Law Firm with Joseph E Scott

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Nolder joins noted law firm after famously deciding to eliminate his own job so that others could hold on to their jobs

Columbus, Ohio August 27, 2013 Steve Nolder recently joined with Joseph E. Scott to form the Scott and Nolder Law Firm. The firm represent defendants that have been charged with crimes in both state and federal courts. The two attorneys came together after Mr. Nolder was forced to “fire himself” due to the sequester. It was a story that gained a great deal of national attention.

A National Story

Steve Nolder had been serving in the Columbus, Ohio public defender’s office ever since it opened. In April 2013, after 18 years of service, Nolder felt compelled to cut his own job due to the budget cuts put in place by the sequester. The public defender’s office was dir

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