The Body Shop Medi Spa Now Providing Ultrasonic Cavitation Procedure

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Medical spa now offers state of the art option for patients that are interested in losing weight without invasive procedures or painful recoveries.

Davie, FL — September 26, 2013 — The Body Shop Medi Spa is pleased to announce that it is now offering Ultrasonic Cavitation to its patients that are looking to lose weight. With the understanding that many people are uncomfortable with the prospect of invasive procedures like liposuction, The Body Shop Medi Spa has purchased a new Cavitation machine and can now perform the state of the art Cavitation weight loss procedure on its patients.

A Revolutionary Weight Loss Procedure

The Ultrasonic Cavitation weight loss procedure is completely non-invasive, which makes it the perfect option for those who have an aversion to needles or surgery. During this procedure, an ultrasound device is placed over the skin. This device causes the fat cells under the skin to rupture and dissolve into the patient’s body, after which the fat cells will be flushed out naturally. Ultrasonic Cavitation is completely painless, meaning that there will be no recovery or downtime involved.

“This service is important to our business because it directly targets sculpting the body and promotes fat reduction,” said Sue Byers, owner of The Body Shop Medi Spa.

Targeted Weight Loss

Ultrasonic Cavitation allows for the targeting of a specific body part — arms, stomach, lower back, buttocks, thighs, love handles and other problem areas can be targeted for reduction. As the hardest of fat cells in and around those troublesome areas are weakened, softened and broken apart, the surrounding skin will also tighten up, so that patients are not left with lumpy skin.

Since the procedure is noninvasive and nonsurgical, there is no risk of infection or scarring. Certain procedures, including liposuction, can leave the patient with lumpy looking skin that is not natural in shape or texture. With Ultrasonic Cavitation, The Body Shop Medi Spa can provide patients with a thinner body and natural lines and curves.

In addition to weight loss and weight management, The Body Shop Medi Spa also provides weight management, botox, facials and massage, laser hair removal and thermage treatment.

Located in Davie, Florida, The Body Shop Medi Spa is a full service medical spa and health clinic. If you are interested in finding out more, visit www.thebodyshopmedispa.com



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Alliance Express Adds Flexible Silicone Star Tubing to its Online Store

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Product distribution and e-commerce company continues to expand its online inventory with the addition of new products.

Erie, PA — September 30, 2013 — Alliance Express, a global leader in industrial products and distribution, is once again expanding its online inventory with the addition of Flexible Silicone Star Tubing. This high quality STFL Series tubing is available in a wide variety of sizes and can be used across many different industries.

Impressive Specifications

The Flexible Silicone Star Tubing, now available through the Alliance Express website, is comprised of pure silicone, and is quite pliable. It is flexible enough for each individual tube to fit over several different ranges. Because of its unique star design, Flexible Silicone Star Tubing easily fits over irregular shapes, unthreaded tubes and threaded studs. Flexible Silicone Star Tubing can withstand temperatures as high as 600F (315C). The product is color coded by size with white being the largest and red being the smallest. Complete specifications for the product are listed on the website: www.alliance-express.com/flexible-silicone-star-tubing

A Wide Range of Applications

Star Tubing is available in rolls, which will allow the consumer to cut it into the appropriate length. Given the fact that silicone is one of the most durable materials on the market for paint masking, customers can reuse the Flexible Silicone Star Tubing many times. Flexible Silicone Star Tubing is one of the top products on the market for plating, sand blasting, wet plating, anodizing, powder coating and e-coating.

A Rapidly Growing Inventory

Flexible Silicone Star Tubing is one of the latest products to be added to the company’s website. The company has 6,200 new products on its e-commerce site and has over 500 million parts in inventory. Alliance Express offers same day shipping for 10,000 standard products.

Alliance Express is a member of the NFPA (National Fluid Power Association), as well as the MAFDA (Mid-Atlantic Fastener Distributors Association).

Alliance Express is headquartered in Erie, PA. Browse the online inventory at www.alliance-express.com



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Our Interview with Richard Prasad, Owner of Urban Sleep Store

Palo alto technogel mattress

In this interview, Urban Sleep Store owner Richard Prasad explains what inspired him to start a business selling only the highest quality mattresses and sleep products.

Please tell us about your company, Urban Sleep Store.

Richard Prasad: We are a specialty mattress retailer focusing on offering unique sleep options for customers including organic, natural latex, and gel products.

Why did you decide to focus on selling the more unique sleep options?

Richard Prasad: After many years as a traditional mattress retailer I was driven to sell higher quality products because customers rarely knew what type of mattress they were buying and the harmful ramifications of that ignorance.

For you personally, what is the biggest challenge when it comes to running your own business?

Richard Prasad: Our biggest business challenge is competing from a marketing perspective with larger more established retailers in an expensive media market. We feel if customers knew about what we do and how we do it, they’d do business with us a larger percentage of the time versus our competition. I’m sure many other businesses feel the same way, but that drives us to get the word out quickly and aggressively as possible.

For more than five years, Urban Sleep Store has been educating customers on the benefits of high quality mattresses and sleep products. If you are interested in learning more about this business and the specialty sleep products it provides, visit the Los Gatos, CA or Palo Alto, CA store or online at www.urbansleepstore.com



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An Interview with Dr. Heather Wilson, DMD and Dr. Paul Ranney, DMD, of The Dental Health Center

Oral sedation

Dr. Heather Wilson and Dr. Paul Ranney took a few moments out of their busy schedules to discuss their dental practice with us. During our conversation, we learned why they went into business together and how they keep up with the constantly evolving world of dental technology.

Let’s start with the basics. Why did you two decide to start your own business?

Dr. Paul Ranney: By having our own business, rather than working for others, Dr. Wilson and I have the ability to practice dentistry the way that we want to practice. We have the ability to create an environment where the focus of the work is comprehensive in nature, with a goal of providing patient centered care.

How would you describe your dental practice to a prospective patient?

Dr. Heather Wilson: We have a five operatory dental practice, located in West Chester, Ohio. It is a general practice dental office that offers a wide range of procedures including some endodontics, oral surgical procedures, restorative and some orthodontic services.

Can you tell us about any mistakes or unexpected obstacles that have come up along the way?

Dr. Paul Ranney: The most unexpected obstacle is one that is an ongoing one; the problem of keeping up with technology and materials as they evolve. Our office is currently all digital, and we try to stay current with new and emerging technologies in the practice of dentistry.

Do you have a business plan that you follow?

Dr. Heather Wilson: Yes. As with any business, we try to remain faithful to our plan, but also use advisors and past outcomes to revise the plan to keep the business heading in a forward and positive direction.

Have there ever been times when you have wanted to give up?

Dr. Paul Ranney: Every morning, just around 8 AM! Every day presents its own challenges. Keeping on top of small problems and resolving them is key to remaining on top of your game. If you resolve small issues one at a time, bigger problems tend to remain at bay. Part of the satisfaction of owning your own business comes from resolving these things and keeping the bigger picture on track.

Finally, do you have any employees? If so, what is your management style?

Dr. Heather Wilson: Yes, five employees. We take an approach that keeps the interest of the business at the forefront, but also takes into consideration the working styles of the employees and their interests as well.

Based out of West Chester, Ohio, The Dental Health Center was acquired by Dr. Heather Wilson, DMD and Dr. Paul Ranney, DMD in 2012. Those who are interested in the wide range of speciality services that this business provides or want to book an appointment may call 513.777.7017 or visit online at www.dentalhealthcenter.com



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Our Interview with MOGO GPS Marketing and e-Commerce Manager Kristen Richardson

Live gps vehicle tracking

During our interview with MOGO GPS Marketing and e-Commerce Manager Kristen Richardson, we had a chance to learn about how rewarding it is to watch her team work together, as well as how advances in technology have impacted the way the company conducts business.

Can you tell us what the best day is like for you as a business manager?

Kristen Richardson: As a business manager it is really rewarding to repeatedly see my team work together as one, delivering value to the entire customer base. Regardless of who the account manager of each customer is, they all have the same passion and dedication to build this business, making it successful.

One of the best days I have had is when several members of the team scoped and worked together on a large project to deliver a large scale gps tracking system. The teams’ commitment, drive and assertiveness resulted in a significant win for the team and a happy customer who is not only our biggest but one of our longest standing.

Can you tell us about any unexpected obstacles that have crept up, or mistakes that have been made?

Kristen Richardson: Customers choose and purchase Mogo for the main advantage of checking time sheets for both staff and customers. This allows them to cut down vehicle expenses and check for personal use of the vehicle during work hours. Such as, many customers have triggers to receive alerts on particular sites including local shopping centres, McDonalds and even TAB’s.

Mogo’s system also provides security to a business. A customer’s story that will be forever remembered is from a food distribution company. It was the week before Christmas and one of their delivery vans were stolen just after the driver did the first drop-off. Because the vehicle had a tracking unit secretly installed, the business manager rang the police and told them the exact location of their stolen vehicle. The thief was caught and the vehicle containing all the food deliveries as well as a few cases of wine were recovered. Ultimately, Mogo saved Christmas!

How has technology and the internet impacted how MOGO GPS does business?

Kristen Richardson: Mogo GPS has been founded on both technology and the internet. The business would not exist without them, as we market through an e-commerce channel. Our customers are technology savvy in which they embrace the internet and technology in their business.

While there are many benefits to the advancement of the internets and technology, it does provide a number of risks for Mogo as it does for many other businesses worldwide. We have managed to survive against overseas manufacturing giants, as we were an initial business in this market and industry to sell directly through an e-commerce channel.

One of our mission objectives is based on offering value and gaining loyalty in the Australian market, as we are an Australian brand.

Finally, how do you marketing your business?

Kristen Richardson: MOGO is an online brand, offering a web-based tracking system that allows customers to login and track vehicles anywhere with access to the internet. With access to the GPS tracking system, MOGO customers can instantly see the location of their vehicles and effectively monitor and manage their fleet from a PC, tablet or mobile phone. The value in MOGO lies within the ability to see full transparency of operations; from viewing the vehicle’s location through to trip reports, speeding alerts, history or an update on Google Traffic.

The value message is conveyed through a range of digital communications including customer competitions, webinars, email and great account management team who use online meeting tools to ensure customers are in a position to use the product to its full capacity.

Kristen RIchardson is the Marketing and e-Commerce Manager of MOGO GPS, which has been providing the highest quality GPS services to its customers for over six years. Anyone interested in learning more about MOGO GPS will find more information online at www.mogogps.com.au



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Stop Being the Last One To Learn Anything Check Out the Latest Apple Releases

Pr news wire

Upcoming Apple releases could come at any moment. You have no idea. In fact, the next Apple release could be happening within the next day, and how would you know? And why do you even want to know? What is so important about Apple that you should care when there are Apple new releases coming up?

To begin with, you have to know what Apple has to offer the market. They have been setting the trend in tech ever since the release of iTunes and the first generation of iPods all the way back in 2001. There they set the precedent for mp3 players.

They already had their operating systems working in their desktop and laptop computers, and they were one of the first to really integrate that speed and tech into a smartphone, putting poor old Blackberry to shame. The first generation of iPhone came out in 2007. And then A

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Scott Nolder Forms Scott and Nolder Law Firm with Joseph E Scott

Columbus attorney criminal lawyer ohio

Nolder joins noted law firm after famously deciding to eliminate his own job so that others could hold on to their jobs

Columbus, Ohio August 27, 2013 Steve Nolder recently joined with Joseph E. Scott to form the Scott and Nolder Law Firm. The firm represent defendants that have been charged with crimes in both state and federal courts. The two attorneys came together after Mr. Nolder was forced to “fire himself” due to the sequester. It was a story that gained a great deal of national attention.

A National Story

Steve Nolder had been serving in the Columbus, Ohio public defender’s office ever since it opened. In April 2013, after 18 years of service, Nolder felt compelled to cut his own job due to the budget cuts put in place by the sequester. The public defender’s office was dir

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