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Lighthouse Web Designs, LLC Joins Binare Tech Group

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Tupelo, Mississippi- January 26, 2014 – Lighthouse Web Designs, LLC, a Tupelo-based web design and development firm, is pleased to announce its new partnership with Binare, a local technical group specializing in IT securities. It’s a move that will bring strengthened security and web functionality to all of Lighthouse Web Designs’ clients, both current and future.
While the transition was only just completed in the beginning of January 2014, Richelle Anderson, Founder and Owner of Lighthouse, has high hopes for where this new partnership will take her firm in the future. “Our hope is that by joining the group we will network, contribute, and grow with other programmers and IT managers from around the area,” Anderson notes. “By joining the group we will stay up to date on the latest security issues that will impact our clients and their websites.”
The move couldn’t come at a better time for Anderson and the rest of the Lighthouse Web Designs team. Recent statistics from the FBI show that cybercrime has reached an all-time high, with over 280,000 cases reported annually. By joining with Binare, Lighthouse can protect its clients as well as itself from the prying eyes of increasingly aggressive cybercriminals.
Having said that, becoming a member of Binare not only marks a new step forward for relations with current clients, but it’s also a chance for Lighthouse Web Designs to draw in new customers who place a premium on security by building a stronger, highly-skilled in-house design and development team. That, Anderson says, is one of the key reasons she decided to join with Binare in the first place. “We also hope to develop relationships in the group to acquire additional business and to refer our clients to qualified programmers if the need arises for them. Another member, who is also an instructor, has offered Lighthouse interning opportunities. We hope this will give upcoming web designers a good experience and [they will] look forward to a career in website design and development.”
The change is certainly paying off for the Lighthouse team so far. Anderson excitedly points out that the response to joining Binare has been “really positive since the group is highly respected.” That response is echoed both within the company and with Lighthouse Web Design’s growing clientele.
Lighthouse Web Designs, LLC is located at 1020 North Gloster Street #160 Tupelo, MS. For more information, please visit www.LighthouseWebDesigns.com or call (662) 553-4777.
Company Name: Lighthouse Web Designs, LLC
Contact Name: Richelle Anderson
Phone Number: 662.553.4777
Email Address: richelle@lighthousewebdesigns.com
Company Website: www.lighthousewebdesigns.com



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Our Interview with MOGO GPS Marketing and e-Commerce Manager Kristen Richardson

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During our interview with MOGO GPS Marketing and e-Commerce Manager Kristen Richardson, we had a chance to learn about how rewarding it is to watch her team work together, as well as how advances in technology have impacted the way the company conducts business.

Can you tell us what the best day is like for you as a business manager?

Kristen Richardson: As a business manager it is really rewarding to repeatedly see my team work together as one, delivering value to the entire customer base. Regardless of who the account manager of each customer is, they all have the same passion and dedication to build this business, making it successful.

One of the best days I have had is when several members of the team scoped and worked together on a large project to deliver a large scale gps tracking system. The teams’ commitment, drive and assertiveness resulted in a significant win for the team and a happy customer who is not only our biggest but one of our longest standing.

Can you tell us about any unexpected obstacles that have crept up, or mistakes that have been made?

Kristen Richardson: Customers choose and purchase Mogo for the main advantage of checking time sheets for both staff and customers. This allows them to cut down vehicle expenses and check for personal use of the vehicle during work hours. Such as, many customers have triggers to receive alerts on particular sites including local shopping centres, McDonalds and even TAB’s.

Mogo’s system also provides security to a business. A customer’s story that will be forever remembered is from a food distribution company. It was the week before Christmas and one of their delivery vans were stolen just after the driver did the first drop-off. Because the vehicle had a tracking unit secretly installed, the business manager rang the police and told them the exact location of their stolen vehicle. The thief was caught and the vehicle containing all the food deliveries as well as a few cases of wine were recovered. Ultimately, Mogo saved Christmas!

How has technology and the internet impacted how MOGO GPS does business?

Kristen Richardson: Mogo GPS has been founded on both technology and the internet. The business would not exist without them, as we market through an e-commerce channel. Our customers are technology savvy in which they embrace the internet and technology in their business.

While there are many benefits to the advancement of the internets and technology, it does provide a number of risks for Mogo as it does for many other businesses worldwide. We have managed to survive against overseas manufacturing giants, as we were an initial business in this market and industry to sell directly through an e-commerce channel.

One of our mission objectives is based on offering value and gaining loyalty in the Australian market, as we are an Australian brand.

Finally, how do you marketing your business?

Kristen Richardson: MOGO is an online brand, offering a web-based tracking system that allows customers to login and track vehicles anywhere with access to the internet. With access to the GPS tracking system, MOGO customers can instantly see the location of their vehicles and effectively monitor and manage their fleet from a PC, tablet or mobile phone. The value in MOGO lies within the ability to see full transparency of operations; from viewing the vehicle’s location through to trip reports, speeding alerts, history or an update on Google Traffic.

The value message is conveyed through a range of digital communications including customer competitions, webinars, email and great account management team who use online meeting tools to ensure customers are in a position to use the product to its full capacity.

Kristen RIchardson is the Marketing and e-Commerce Manager of MOGO GPS, which has been providing the highest quality GPS services to its customers for over six years. Anyone interested in learning more about MOGO GPS will find more information online at www.mogogps.com.au



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Selecting a Day Trading Computer

Best computer for stock trading

Any day trader knows that their trading computer is a valuable tool to the success of their business. If you are in the market for a new trading computer, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you select the best computer for your needs.

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Shared Web Hosting Directory

Web hosting directory

If you are looking to put up a webpage or other content, you will need to have it hosted by someone. The internet and the options for service providers it affords are huge. A shared web hosting directory can help you find potential service providers and other resources, like user reviews, can help you narrow that list down to the host you ultimately choose. If you need a dedicated server hosting directory, a cloud web hosting directory, or a directory for a similar service, there are several that are easy to find and will help guide you to the services you want to put your content on the web.

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Computer Magazine Report

Computer magazine

People always have a need for information and how and where they get it from all depends on what method of information gathering you choose to use. You can get information about anything you want from A to Z and a computer magazine is one way to gather the information you want to find out about.

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