2 Issues That Affect CRM Performance in Your Windows Server Environment

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Since its inception in 1985, Microsoft Windows has enjoyed a somewhat monopolistic share of the operating system (OS) market. Even as other players join the industry, Microsoft’s dominance has hardly been shaken as over three-quarters of the world’s computers run on the Windows OS.

Due to certain factors, the performance of servers and computers can slow down, thus affecting CRM performance. Therefore, IT specialists need to familiarize themselves with all the techniques and tools that can help with latency issues and storage performance, among other factors that can affect Windows computers.

By doing so, you will not only be able to address performance-related issues but also prevent them. Read on to know which issues affect performance and how you can resolve them to boost CRM performance.

Write Amplification

Solid State Drives (SSD) differ from the regular magnetic hard disk drives (HDD) in how data is written. Whereas data is written on empty spaces in HDD’s, with SSD’s old data must be erased before data is written on the flash storage chip.

This may sound straight forward, but the process of deleting data is not easy and has a toll on the SSD. These drives consist of data blocks and pages. As such, when data is being deleted and written, the data and metadata are written multiple times. Therefore, when storing the same amount of information, write demands are higher on an SSD than on an HDD.

Flash memory in SSD’s only supports a limited amount of writes, after which they can no longer be read. This effect is what is referred to as Write Amplification (WA). For SSD’s to have a longer lifespan and to ensure critical data is not lost or can be retrieved, IT specialists must ensure Write Amplification is kept at a minimum to boost CRM performance.

This can be achieved by keeping more space free for those who have TRIM support, increasing overprovision, and using Diskeeper or SSDkeeper from Condusiv. This software ensures that:

  • Windows PCs and servers are running quickly, smoothly, and more reliably.
  • Write Amplification reduces, thus increasing the life span of SSDs.
  • Overheads remain low.
  • Small fragmented writes do not occur at OS level.

Input/Output Performance

Computers operate on a basic principle that any input results in an output. When you type your name on the keyboard, the text will display on the screen. In this instance, the keyboard is the input device, and the screen is the output device.

Computers have several output and input devices, such as the mouse and printer. Data from input devices follow different paths to get to the output devices. Depending on the type of data and destined output device, the path may be through the hard drive, video card, ram, etc.

If there are any delays in data transmission at any point between the input device and output device, access time will increase. This is the amount of time your computer needs to process and retrieve the requested data. If it increases, your computer will have latency issues and aspects such as CRM performance will be greatly affected.

As you save more data and software on your computer, the system will gradually begin to slow down. One of the most reliable ways to improve Windows PC and server performance is by using Diskeeper. It will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Boost I/O performance.
  • Cache all hot reads from idle, available DRAM.
  • You can use Diskeeper across the network under a central management console and without needing to reboot.
  • Eliminate fragmentation, which affects performance.
  • Keep applications running at peak performance, thus increasing the productivity of businesses.

Why Performance Matters

The entrepreneurial landscape today is very competitive. Gone are the days where there’s only one company that offers a particular product. Whichever the product, consumers now have many options to choose from.

As such, getting and retaining customers goes beyond the products you offer. It is about how you relate and form a connection with them. This is why companies invest in customer relationship management software, which can improve customer retention by up to 27%. However, for CRM performance to remain at peak levels, organizations must be able to prevent any latency issues or employ a high latency fix in case any issues occur.

Lighthouse Web Designs, LLC Joins Binare Tech Group

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Tupelo, Mississippi- January 26, 2014 – Lighthouse Web Designs, LLC, a Tupelo-based web design and development firm, is pleased to announce its new partnership with Binare, a local technical group specializing in IT securities. It’s a move that will bring strengthened security and web functionality to all of Lighthouse Web Designs’ clients, both current and future.
While the transition was only just completed in the beginning of January 2014, Richelle Anderson, Founder and Owner of Lighthouse, has high hopes for where this new partnership will take her firm in the future. “Our hope is that by joining the group we will network, contribute, and grow with other programmers and IT managers from around the area,” Anderson notes. “By joining the group we will stay up to date on the latest security issues that will impact our clients and their websites.”
The move couldn’t come at a better time for Anderson and the rest of the Lighthouse Web Designs team. Recent statistics from the FBI show that cybercrime has reached an all-time high, with over 280,000 cases reported annually. By joining with Binare, Lighthouse can protect its clients as well as itself from the prying eyes of increasingly aggressive cybercriminals.
Having said that, becoming a member of Binare not only marks a new step forward for relations with current clients, but it’s also a chance for Lighthouse Web Designs to draw in new customers who place a premium on security by building a stronger, highly-skilled in-house design and development team. That, Anderson says, is one of the key reasons she decided to join with Binare in the first place. “We also hope to develop relationships in the group to acquire additional business and to refer our clients to qualified programmers if the need arises for them. Another member, who is also an instructor, has offered Lighthouse interning opportunities. We hope this will give upcoming web designers a good experience and [they will] look forward to a career in website design and development.”
The change is certainly paying off for the Lighthouse team so far. Anderson excitedly points out that the response to joining Binare has been “really positive since the group is highly respected.” That response is echoed both within the company and with Lighthouse Web Design’s growing clientele.
Lighthouse Web Designs, LLC is located at 1020 North Gloster Street #160 Tupelo, MS. For more information, please visit www.LighthouseWebDesigns.com or call (662) 553-4777.
Company Name: Lighthouse Web Designs, LLC
Contact Name: Richelle Anderson
Phone Number: 662.553.4777
Email Address: richelle@lighthousewebdesigns.com
Company Website: www.lighthousewebdesigns.com



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Insurance Fishing Launches New Online Guide for Customer Reference

How much is renters insurance

Insurance Fishing, a company dedicated to helping consumers connect easily and efficiently with insurance agents from a variety of companies, recently added a new online guide in an effort to better answer the questions of potential clients who are in need of auto insurance.

2011 estimates revealed that nearly 14% of US drivers (one in seven) were uninsured. Insurance Fishing recognizes that researching and finding affordable car insurance is certainly a deterrent to securing auto insurance. The new online guide outlines the importance of car insurance as well as the advantages associated with online insurance shopping.

The ability to get online car insurance quotes makes the process easier than ever before. As the guide notes, the ease of online insurance quotes is attributed to the elimination of agent interviews, which the guide calls “cumbersome, tedious, and frankly, boring.” The speed at which drivers can get the insurance they need online makes it a great alternative to other, more traditional, options. The guide explains how a client can get several insurance quotes from different sites and agencies in a matter of minutes.

As an added benefit, the guide lists a less stressful experience as a reason to consider online auto insurance shopping. “Driving around from place to place and getting quizzed by different professionals while trying to simply understand what they are telling you can be confusing and overwhelming” the guide explains. In contrast, with online insurance shopping, prospective clients can take the time they need to review and compare their options.

The third and final advantage listed by the guide is affordability. Because online insurance companies do not have the overhead expenses that come with running an office, they are often able to offer lower rates.

Insurance Fishing, located in St. Louis, MO, is a self-described “one-stop website that quickly and easily connects consumers with live local insurance agents.” Learn more by visiting www.insurancefishing.com or send an email to info@insurancefishing.com



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Alliance Express Satisfies Consumer Demand with Addition of New Inventory

Bolt cover caps

Erie, PA – October 27, 2013 – Continuing a long streak of new product introductions that have taken place over the last couple of months, Alliance Express proudly announced another update to its stock. Fifteen mini worm gear hose clamps have been added to the company’s stock of hose clamps and cinch straps, joining six other categories of product.

Made from stainless steel and featuring one quarter inch hex head, plated carbon steel screws, Alliance Express’ new mini worm gear hose clamps are designed for use on small hose applications. Because of their low profile housing and thin bands, they are expected to be easier to install or remove in confined areas than larger hose clamps. The new products range from SAE size 4 to 48 with a minimum diameter capability of one quarter inch and a maximum capability of 3.5 inches.

The company’s decision to offer new mini worm gear hose clamps comes in response to the needs of its global customer base. Alliance Express has recently introduced a number of new products to the hose clamp category, including new steel clamps with rubber cushions, t-bolt hose clamps, and an expanded line of quick assemble hose clamps. Recent additions have brought 1,700 new products to the company’s previous offering of over 500 million parts. As with all Alliance Express products, the mini worm gear hose clamps are subject to ISO 9001 quality management examination and were produced in a factory possessing ISO 14001:2004 environmental management certification.

Alliance Express has locations in Erie, PA; Chicago, IL; Houston, TX; Greensboro, NC; Jacksonville, FL; Memphis, TN; Santa Fe Springs, CA; Albany, NY; Oakville, ON; and Edmonton, AB. For more information about the company’s new products, visit www.alliance-express.com, email service@alliance-express.com, or call 888-891-0836.



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Henri Frank Group Real Estate Agency Named as Exclusive Listing Agent of 43 Urban Village

Condos for sale on the beach

Henri Frank Group Real Estate Agency Represents New, Innovative South Florida Community

Real estate group has exclusive representation of Florida live/work development

Fort Lauderdale, FL – October 3, 2013 – The Henri Frank Group, a boutique real estate agency that boasts deep knowledge of South Florida as well as the backing of international real estate giant, REMAX, is the proud, exclusive listing agent of 43 Urban Village, a pre-construction project in Oakland Park, FL.

The work+live development is located at 4309 NE 1 Terrace, Oakland Park, FL 33334 and has already attracted interest from potential home buyers as well as investors looking for pre-construction opportunities. Located only minutes from Fort Lauderdale’s stunning beaches, Las Olas Boulevard, and Fort Lauderdale International Airport, the development features gorgeous, loft-style interiors, top-quality kitchens, and eco-friendly amenities.

Inside, the units offer loft-style, light-filled windows, 9’8” ceilings, bamboo wood floors, oversize master bedrooms, marble windowsills, 18 x 18 tile in the foyer, and custom lighting detail. Kitchens are outfitted with natural wood cabinetry, custom built islands with white quartz and granite counters, Energy Star rated designer stainless steel appliances, self-cleaning, glass-top ovens, multi-cycle dishwashers, side-by-side refrigerators, and washer/dryers.

It’s no wonder the Henri Frank Group is so proud to exclusively represent 43 Urban Village. The Henri Frank Group has been listed among the top thousand best real estate agents in America for its work with waterfront properties in Fort Lauderdale, condos in Wilton Manors, and current featured property at 43 Urban Village. Frank Vigliotti, a realtor and co-founder of the Henri Frank Group shares, “Being the exclusive listing agents of 43 Urban Village means buyers interested in that property can get deals and advantages with us that are not available in the same level with any other realtor.”

Those who are interested in the homes at 43 Urban Village can visit www.henrifrank.com/43-urban-village. The team at Henri Frank Group is also prepared to answer questions and can be contacted via email at info@henrifrank.com or via phone at either (954)805-5288 or (954)604-9999. Offices are located at 2810 E. Oakland Park Blvd in Fort Lauderdale, 2166 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors, 2 University Drive in Plantation, and 2608 North Ocean Blvd in Hillsboro Shores.

How the Internet Has Changed Press Releases

Ap press release

For any upcoming apple releases, checking the apple press releases is an absolute must. In addition to sending details about upcoming apple releases to distribution services, their website has an entire press release library containing exciting news about the upcoming apple releases. This is the official way to check upcoming apple releases, but many times there are news leaks that wind up on the web. For these, you can check fan sites, such as Mac Rumors. Apple’s utilization of the web for press release distribution is a smart move, as many journalists use the web as their main way to find these releases, which they use as leads for articles. The inevitable buzz around upcoming apple releases is proof that this marketing strategy, of using the Internet to distribute press releases, works.

Nowadays, an esti

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Alliance Express Adds Flexible Silicone Star Tubing to its Online Store

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Product distribution and e-commerce company continues to expand its online inventory with the addition of new products.

Erie, PA — September 30, 2013 — Alliance Express, a global leader in industrial products and distribution, is once again expanding its online inventory with the addition of Flexible Silicone Star Tubing. This high quality STFL Series tubing is available in a wide variety of sizes and can be used across many different industries.

Impressive Specifications

The Flexible Silicone Star Tubing, now available through the Alliance Express website, is comprised of pure silicone, and is quite pliable. It is flexible enough for each individual tube to fit over several different ranges. Because of its unique star design, Flexible Silicone Star Tubing easily fits over irregular shapes, unthreaded tubes and threaded studs. Flexible Silicone Star Tubing can withstand temperatures as high as 600F (315C). The product is color coded by size with white being the largest and red being the smallest. Complete specifications for the product are listed on the website: www.alliance-express.com/flexible-silicone-star-tubing

A Wide Range of Applications

Star Tubing is available in rolls, which will allow the consumer to cut it into the appropriate length. Given the fact that silicone is one of the most durable materials on the market for paint masking, customers can reuse the Flexible Silicone Star Tubing many times. Flexible Silicone Star Tubing is one of the top products on the market for plating, sand blasting, wet plating, anodizing, powder coating and e-coating.

A Rapidly Growing Inventory

Flexible Silicone Star Tubing is one of the latest products to be added to the company’s website. The company has 6,200 new products on its e-commerce site and has over 500 million parts in inventory. Alliance Express offers same day shipping for 10,000 standard products.

Alliance Express is a member of the NFPA (National Fluid Power Association), as well as the MAFDA (Mid-Atlantic Fastener Distributors Association).

Alliance Express is headquartered in Erie, PA. Browse the online inventory at www.alliance-express.com



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